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    Ron Molnar
    Senior Consultant
    Package Design and Manufacturing                

                          Ron Molnar is a Senior Consultant with Neokinetics and Executive Director of                 
                          AZTechDirect, LLC, a company providing consultant  services in the areas of advanced
                          semiconductor packaging and assembly technology.  

                          He was recently Vice President of Engineering at Tiros Corporation, a manufacturer of
                          automated, semiconductor equipment used to asemble flip chip integrated circuits.  In
     1997 as VP of Engineering, he co-founded start-up Abpac Inc., a quick turn, U.S.-based, contract
     IC assembler dedicated to the design and assembly of BGA and  CSP semiconductor packages,
     in Phoenix, AZ.  Prior to that, he was VP of Advanced Packaging at Amkor Electronics responsible
     for the SuperBGA product line and flip chip BGA development.  He has held various engineering
     and management positions at Synergy Semiconductor, VLSI Technology, Siemens Components,
     Inc., and Monsanto.  

     Ron received a BSEE degree from the University of California at Berkeley, holds 3 patents and has
     co-authored several papers in the area of IC packaging and assembly.  He is an active member of the
     SMTA, IMAPS, MEPTEC and IEEE societies
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