Rick Adams - MBA
    Technical Advisor
    Automotive and Assembly Subcontractor Management        

    Mr. Adams is a Technical Advisor for Neokinetics specializing in Automotive
    Semiconductor and Assembly Subcontractor Management to assist semiconductor
    companies' advance their automotive capability and enhancing their quality systems.

    Mr. Adams has over 28 years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry sector.  
    His career encompassed Mil Std and auto focusing devices with Honeywell Solid
    State Division, Gallium Arsenide  devices, and automotive applications for Silicon based devices
    with Ford Microelectronics.

    At Visteon (Ford) as their Principle Technical Specialist,  Rick interfaced between most US,
    European and Japanese Semiconductor Companies and the major Assembly Subcontractors.  
    Mr. Adams was the primary force behind the formation of SAC (Semiconductor Assembly Council),
    which advanced automotive requirements for both the Semiconductor Manufactures and Assembly

    Rick Adams received his BS and MBA degrees from Arizona State University .  He has served
    two terms as President of SAC and participated in CALCE at the University of Maryland .  Mr.
    Adams was also a member of the Technical Specialist Group at Ford Motor Company  and
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