Our Implementations

    Strategic Development                                              Product Introduction
    Business/Technology Valuation                             Business Development
    Organization Design & Development                    Product Definition and Design
    CXO Mentoring                                                        Project/Product Management
    Best Know Methods Deployment
    SAP Deployment and Program Management                                                                            
    Supplier Identification & Management
    Product Marketing                                                        
    Market Segmentation                                              Product Analysis                                 
    Market/Product Strategy                                          Reliability Prediction     
    Pricing                                                                        Accelerated Stress Testing   
    Product Mix                                                                Reliability Estimation
    Collateral Development                                            Failure Analysis
                                                                                                 Product Enhancement
    New Process Deployment                                         Process Optimization
    Product Introduction (Stage Gate)                           Cost Reduction
    Product Portfolio Management
    Factory Physics
    ISO9000 & ISO/TS16949
    Six Sigma/TQM
    Lean Manufacturing
    Total Productive Maintenance

    Product Introduction
    Business Development
    Product Definition and Design
    Project/Product Management
    Product/Technology Transfer
    Supplier Identification & Management
    Product Analysis                                 
    Reliability Prediction     
    Accelerated Stress Testing   
    Reliability Estimation
    Failure Analysis
    Product Enhancement
    Process Optimization
    Cost Reduction
Process Focused Business Optimization™