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    George Shaw
    Senior Consultant
    IC Package/Process Design and Manufacturing                

    George Shaw joins NeoKinetics as a member of our senior staff and brings his expertise
    gained from over 35 years in semiconductor assembly and test to support our clients with
    product/process design, engineering and strategic technical management.  

    Mr. Shaw began his career with National Semiconductor’s (NSC) Package Engineering
    group. Later he served off-shore for NSC as Managing Director in both Indonesia and
    Thailand before completing his thirteen years with NSC as Vice President of Package Engineering.
    Shaw was also the VP of Operations for start-up Aptix Corp where he lead the successful market
    introduction of a 1024 I/O Flip Chip custom interconnect component.

    George has extensive ex-patriot experience (20 years in 6 Southeast Asian countries) as a Managing
    Director of assembly and test facilities for both IDM and subcontract companies. Shaw’s positions
    have also included senior and executive management positions with Psi Technologies, Inc., Amkor
    Technology, Alphatec USA, ASAT, and AIT Hong Kong. He has managed multiple strategic projects,
    including new facility design, construction and activation and has effected corporate
    performance/quality improvements throughout his career.

    Although many of his achievements have been at the corporate level, George has maintained a close
    association with the technical aspects of Package and Assembly Process Engineering. He has
    specified design, materials, process and equipment requirements for QFN, BGA, MEMS and Multi-
    Chip packages and developed package design rules and roadmaps for several categories of device

    Mr. Shaw holds a BSME from Cal Poly and has completed Executive Development study at Stanford
    University and The University of Singapore.
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